The site for the exchange of Sea Urchins among Collectors.

                                                                                                                              Mordeira Bay, Sal Island, Cape Verde Is. West Africa.

My name is Roberto Márquez, I have forty and some more years of age and currently I live in Seville, SPAIN.

My great passion is the sea, navigation and the world travels. I have been, since I was a kid, collector of seashells. Sea urchins always interested me, but not does a long time, when I really started to classify and put my collection in order.

This space is intended to be a open window to sea urchins collectors who wish to make exchanges with me, updates are regular and the species photographed are availables at the moment.

I request specimens perfectly classified, with or without spines, with the greatest number of available data and in good repair, not broken or damaged examples, please.

No   Yes

If you are interested in some of my pieces and want to make a trade with me please send me your offers list to the following address:

My Postal address:

P.O. Box 12135
41080 - Seville, SPAIN

    Species availables for exchanges. click on the photo to enlarge.


                                                           Arbacia lixula, Linné 1758. Tenerife Island, Canary Is. SPAIN.

                                                           Coelopleurus maillardi, Michelin 1862. Palawan, Philippines Is.

                                Echinometra viridis, Agassiz 1863. Sal Island. Cape Verde Is. WEST AFRICA.

                                           Sphaerechinus granularis, Lamarck 1816. Gibraltar Strait. South SPAIN

                                                                   Salmacis sphaeroides, Linné 1758. Olango. Philippines Is.

                                                         Echinometra mathaei, Blainville 1825. Mindanao. Philippines Is.

                                                        Paracentrotus lividus, Lamarck 1816. Gulf of Cádiz. SW SPAIN.

                                         Amblypneustes ovum, Lamarck 1816. Port Germain, South AUSTRALIA.

                                   Amblypneustes pallidus, Lamarck 1816. Coopers, York, South AUSTRALIA.

                                   Amblypneustes pallidus, Lamarck 1816. Coopers, York, South AUSTRALIA.

                       Amblypneustes pallidus, Lamarck 1816 (color form). Edithburg, South AUSTRALIA.

                                                                            Holopneustes sp. Sceleae Bay, South AUSTRALIA.

                                                        Echinocyamus pusillus, O. F. Müller 1776, Isola di Elba, ITALY.

                                       Echinocardium mediterraneum, Forbes 1844. Algarve, South PORTUGAL.

                                                                        Echinolampas ovata, Leske 1778. Zhejiang, China Sea.

                                                                    Metalia spatagus, Linné 1758. Mindanao, Philippines Is. 

                                                                   Laganum laganum, Leske 1778. Masbate, Philipppines Is.

                                                                Stereopneustes relictus, Meijere 1902. Zhejiang, China sea.

                                                                     Mellita isometra, Harold & Telford 1990. Florida, U.S.A.

                                                          Asteropsis carinifera, Lamarck 1816. Mindanao, Philippines Is.

                                          Nymphaster humilis, Schulz & Weitschat 1975. Mindanao, Philippines Is.

                                                                           Celerina heffernani, Livingstone 1931. INDONESIA.

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